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Kart racing dates back to the 1950’s and has been an adult-targeted industry, even though children have entered the sport and gone on to very successful careers in not only Auto Racing, but other forms of the Auto Industry. We have desired to develop a Christian-based program that will extend the racing opportunity to as many kids as we can. This is a program that will bust across all society boundaries of gender, race, and finances, giving kids the opportunity they need to learn about and experience the sport of kart racing. 



Kids today spend a lot of time inside sitting in front of a screen. Kart racing is a way they can get outside and be active, which has numerous health benefits.

Teach kids life skills

Kart racing teaches kids all kinds of skills including, mechanics, mathematics, problem-solving, and many others.


Kart racing includes the whole family, encouraging growth and connection between the child and their parents.


In a world of exclusive and competitive sports, kart racing is open to kids of all skill levels and gives them an opportunity to enhance their athletic ability.


Our Vision

We are currently developing a full dedicated Jr. Kart Racing Series at Ashway Speedway. This series will host about a half dozen different classes that will range from 4 years old to 18. As a child ages and/or progresses in the sport, they will continue to move up in levels that will add to the speed and performance of the class they run. 

All forms of Motor Sports have financial rewards for performance on the track. In kids kart racing they are usually handed a $3 trophy for a 1st place and bumper sticker for 2nd and 3rd place. Mom & Dad spent a lot of time and money for that performance on the track and hopeful victory. Just like adult racing, we want to reward their hard work so they have an opportunity to reinvest in their equipment and preparation for another day of racing. 


For many years, all Racing Track facilities have run a yearly points program that rewards the participants on points earned based on position finished in each of a six week series. Usually, 80-85% of the classes offered are for adults. The classes are designed based on age, weight, or engine horsepower. If there is any time left, that will be given to a handful of kids classes. This severely limits their opportunity and needs to change!

Additionally, many kids never even learn about kart racing because of the costs associated with the sport. That’s why an association like this one is needed – to bring awareness and to provide financial support for those in need.

It gets kids away from screens

We have all heard how we have a child obesity problem in the US due to lack of outdoor involvement. We believe there is a much larger epidemic affecting our youth… addiction to electronic devices. Reports show that the average child spends over seven hours a day on their electronic devices. Our children need other hobbies and activities to develop their minds, character, abilities, and talent. Youth motorsports can be a way to get outside and learn new and highly valuable skills. 

it prepares kids for the future

There is not an Auto Mechanic shop, Auto Body shop, HVAC company, Electrical company, etc, etc, etc, today that is not in desperate need of technicians. Our society has not developed such technicians over the last 2 decades. This is where we believe Kart Racing comes in as a viable life learning experience. 


Kart racing develops a child’s mechanical understanding and abilities and so much more. It is a proven fact that developing mechanical abilities improves ones math skills greatly. The Kart Chassis will utilize and bring acknowledgment of Geometry while the internal workings of the engines will give better understanding to Algebra equations. Even picking out the perfect set of tires teaches fractions and percentages. 

Along with math one will gain “Evaluation” and “Troubleshooting” abilities. As an Entrepreneur, “Troubleshooting” is one of the greatest tools one can have and will need on a daily basis. The greatest leaders have the ability to evaluate a problem and come up with a solution and that is the secret to a winning performance on the race track. You can’t put a price on the development of that talent!

how you can help

We are asking for our Community Leaders to help us reach children and their parents who either have never heard of Kart racing or the frustrated Dad who can’t find a track for their child to race due to not offering proper youth classes and opportunities. We believe that we are on the threshold of a program that has the potential of being the largest Kart Racing Series the sport has ever seen. This is where you hopefully join us. 

We are asking for different levels of program Race Sponsorships. Below you will find a tiered program chart with explanations of each Sponsorship.



$1000 per race or $6000 annually

  • There will only be one Platinum Sponsor as the entire Jr. Series will be Titled under this company name. For Example the: “AUTEN WIDEPLANK FLOORING” YOUTH MOTORSPORT’S ASSOCIATION hosted by Ashway Speedway
  • This title will be used on all printed and Social Media outlets along with Clothing Attire
  • This title will banner the Leagues Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Channel
  • Live Media Day with on-spot 99.1 The Animal “Josh & Swain” Radio Show at Company Location involving Drivers and their Race Karts
  • Partial Donations will go towards race winning funds for the families
  • Partial Donations will go towards motor/drivetrain equipment for each time
  • Partial Donations will go towards end of year prizes and awards
  • Partial Donations will go towards Leather Race Jackets with Sponsor Logos
  • Partial Donations will go towards company advertisement on all Racing Karts
  • Partial Donations will go towards a Certified Yamaha Engine Technician to hold Motor Inspections at all Race Events


$500 per race or $3000 annually

  • A Gold Sponsor will have an individual Race Class titled after their company name. For example the: “Auten Wideplank Flooring Jr. Yamaha”
  • This title will be used to name the Class Champion at the end of the year
  • This title will be used on all printed and Social Media outlets along with Clothing Attire
  • This title will be mentioned on Leagues Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Channel
  • Partial Donations will go towards race winning funds for the families
  • Partial Donations will go towards company advertisement on all Racing Karts



A Silver Sponsorship works as a Scholarship fund to go to the family racer needing a financial helping hand to keep their Child involved in the sport. Track officials will determine the rewardee from learning particulars about the family as they attend the events of that particular year. Judges will also take into account a child’s (and their parent) sportsmanship and attitude through the season. $600 of the donation will provide the Race Family with a complete Motor Drivetrain for the Race Season. The remaining $400 of the Sponsorship will go to purchasing a new set of tires which can be one of the most expensive items in Kart Racing. The Scholarship will be titled in the company’s name. Recognition of this Company Sponsorship will be posted on Social Media avenues leading up to each of the Series events. 


If you would like to sponsor a race, please select which sponsorship you are interested in:


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Current Sponsors

"let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us" - Hebrews 12:1